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November 2, 2015

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My name is Carrie and I would like to wrap your presents.

It started when I was six years old, our local department store had a gift wrapping center in the basement level wedged between the shoe repair service and the restrooms. Ah, magical. The widest tubes of wrapping paper known to man. Oh, and the thickest rolls of scotch tape you could ever imagine … there must have been ten thousand miles of tape on each roll. Or so it seemed to me. And ribbon! Countless spools of ribbon, each one just a shade more beautiful than the next. Curling ribbon, cloth ribbon, and a fancy gold stretch band that could take the place of ribbon! And directly above the ribbon options, you could see the glorious accessories that would further adorn the gift packages …  tiny plastic tree boughs, a cluster of non-jingling bells, and gigantic stick-on bows. And there was more as if we needed more! You could select coordinating gift tags, too.

And let’s just back up to the scotch tape again. I love tape. I love the shiny tape. And the dull magic tape that disappears into nothing. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the double-sided tape.

On the back wall of the gift wrapping center, directly above the rolls of tape, were samples of what your present could look like once it was gift wrapped. Skinny, flat, empty boxes were fully adorned … simply make your selection and let the wrapping commence!

I was mesmerized with the entire process. From selecting the perfect-sized box and surrounding the actual gift with tissue paper, picking the perfect paper for the box size and selecting the proper ribbon and adornment. All of it. I simply love all of it. Especially the scotch tape part. And the giant tubes of paper.

To this day, the thrill of wrapping a present remains. And I’m serious about my offer. I would like to wrap your presents. I’m conveniently located in Sheboygan Wisconsin and by convenient, I guess I mean, if you live in my area it will be very convenient for you. We can use your paper or mine, and if you’ve got a theme in mind we can easily find a way to make it happen! My rates are reasonable and I will truly wrap your gifts for you.

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2 thoughts on “and that’s a wrap

  1. Seeing as how every year I hand my kids their gifts in the bag they were put in at the store, all I have to say is yes, please.

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