red four piece ceramic canister set – candid re-sale

Just like your city, my city has a multitude of Facebook groups where you can post your buy/sell/iso items. These are my actual posts. I removed some of the details, but these are my items listed for sale along with my pictures partnered with my words.


Red Four Piece Ceramic Canister Set
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Sometimes when you buy Christmas presents, you hide them so well in your attic that you do not find them for years. And that’s all the backstory you are getting on this one.

Stop judging me.

Here’s the deal. This box was unopened but was dented on the side. I opened the box to survey the damage and there (ta da!) is none. Well, none that I can see. Inside the big box are two smaller boxes that are wrapped and sealed shut. I didn’t open any further than the first box.

OK, I justed used a lot of words to say that to the best of my knowledge this entire product is intact. Old, and intact.

Let’s get this out of my home and onto your kitchen counter. Or give it as a Christmas present to someone you love. Or like. Or feel obligated to give them a decent gift but you don’t want to spend more than a couple of bucks on them because you still aren’t sure if they are even getting you a gift.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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