candid resale (sold) – above average jewelry box

Candid Resale* (Sold)

There are nerf gun battles and then there are Epic Nerf Gun Battles and were talking about Epic this time.

One Easter, a couple of years back, a few of my adult kids came home and while we’re waiting on the ham the Nerf Guns suddenly appeared and those so-called “safe” bullets are flying. Historically, these family battles are reserved for Christmas, so to have it occur on Easter weekend caught me off guard.

I set down the potato masher and made my move. Rather than seek cover so I could return fire in a stealth-like manner from behind the kitchen table, I ran out of the kitchen to get a hooded sweatshirt so I could pack the pocket with bullets from the ground as the seasoned nerf soldiers often do.

As I rounded the corner, an adult child o’ mine was already in my bedroom and he fired at me with wild abandon. I was not expecting this, at least not from this particular child. And that’s when I lost my balance and fell into the jewelry box.

So that’s the story of how the mirror became cracked and the corner got smooshed. And as for me, I had a wicked bruise and a bad attitude until Memorial Day weekend.

You can easily see the smooshed corner and the broken mirror from the picture I posted with the lid up on the jewelry box. If you need a better picture of the damage, to be honest, I’m not going to send it to you. What you see in that third picture is about all you’ll see from a closer picture.

And, yes, this true story of living with me is another example of why I can’t have nice things. And speaking of nice things, let’s talk about my new jewelry box.

I’ve upgraded and now I have a wall-mounted jewelry box, white-washed with a full-length mirror. And when you open it you are cheerfully greeted with an eerie nuclear-type of glow. Of course, that’s not what’s important here but it is the very reason I’m selling my previous jewelry box.

So, this jewelry box has been around for a few years, I bought it back when you could get some seriously awesome sh*t from J.C. Penney online. The measurements are 40Hx16Wx10D and that translates to “large enough for you.”

Are you ready to commit? I’m selling this great used condition (except for the smooshed corner) jewelry box for at a really great price considered the story that goes with the smooshing.

I’m also offering a contact-free pick up from my smoke-free pet-friendly southside home. As always I will not hold, I will not deliver, and I will not budge on that omg fair and firm price.

Interested? Do me a solid and send me a private message and include a compliment, I deserve it.

*Just like your city, my city has a multitude of Facebook groups where you can place your buy/sell/trade/iso items. These are my actual posts. I did remove a few of the personal details such as location, but these are my posts, my pictures, my words.

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