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November 21, 2015

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Just like your city, my city has a multitude of Facebook groups where you can post your buy/sell/iso items. These are my actual posts. I removed some of the details, but these are my items listed for sale along with my pictures partnered with my words.

Doll with horse and accessories
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

What child doesn’t want a pony for Christmas!

I’m recommending you claim that you misunderstood their request and offer them this fun package instead!

This is a combination of several Our Generation sets. This cute little pony is in mint condition as are her accessories. That’s two sets right there.

Then we’ve got the western gear this 17″ doll is wearing. Doesn’t she look great? Like a toddler heading out to muck the stalls as though she actually owns her own farm! That’s the third set.

Now, the doll’s body and face are in fantastic condition, along with every other thing in the photograph. But her hair. Let’s talk about her hair. It is not the best. Not at all. I mean, it isn’t horrible hair but it looks better with her hat on. Imagine having perpetual bed hair. That’s her life, she’s lucky she looks good in a hat.

So here’s the deal. Not counting the doll, you’ve got plenty of bucks worth of quality shit right here. You’ve got the pony and accessories and clothes, all in mint condition. I’m throwing in the doll to get her and her hair out of my home.

NaBloPoMo November 2015


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