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November 21, 2015

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Just like your city, my city has a multitude of Facebook groups where you can post your buy/sell/iso items. These are my actual posts. I removed some of the details, but these are my items listed for sale along with my pictures partnered with my words.

Hannah Montana’s Beach House
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Who doesn’t remember the year that Hannah Montana was all it and then some!

Well, here we are a just a few years later and your kids (ages 6+) have absolutely no idea that Miley used to be Hannah.

I am not suggesting you actually flat out lie to your children. Never lie to your children, ever. Unless you want to tell them that this is Barbie’s Beach House. They would believe you, too. You’ve never lied to them before and why would you start now, I’ll tell you why. Because this is a ridiculously sweet ass price for a beach home.

Do you need a backstory? Here’s one I suggest you use:

Child age 6+: That is an incredible beach house, who owned this before me?

Parent: I’m not sure. I’ve got a title insurance document that indicates that it had belonged to Billy Ray’s daughter. I know there was a quit claim deed where it seems as though it was transferred to Barbie, a single person. The paper trail gets fuzzy after that, but it is yours now.

BAM! Selling real estate one beach house at a time.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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