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November 21, 2015

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Just like your city, my city has a multitude of Facebook groups where you can post your buy/sell/iso items. These are my actual posts. I removed some of the details, but these are my items listed for sale along with my pictures partnered with my words.

Thanksgiving Table Cloth
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

In the olden days, I used to give a shit about setting a fancy ass table. Those days are done. I am not a good cook and people are excusing themselves from the dinner table after about seventeen minutes of gorging themselves on my attempt at fine dining.

That’s right, seventeen minutes of eating a Thanksgiving meal that often takes three days to prepare.

Maybe your people are different. Or maybe there is hope that your people will have an iota of gratitude as they seat themselves around your holiday table.

This tablecloth shows no sign of wear/tear and there are no stains because I am a laundry ninja. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving with your like-new tablecloth. And now it is your responsibility to store it during the off-season.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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