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November 21, 2015

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Just like your city, my city has a multitude of Facebook groups where you can post your buy/sell/iso items. These are my actual posts. I removed some of the details, but these are my items listed for sale along with my pictures partnered with my words.

PicMonkey Collage(SOLD)
Teensy Weensy Christmas Tree w/accessories
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Do you detest the holidays but you really feel that you MUST make an effort so your in-laws aren’t judging?

Let me help you help yourself.  You’ll be leaving here with a 17″ tree, a festive tree skirt, and an assortment of ornaments.

Two “buyer beware” notes:

1. The ornaments, look carefully at the picture. One is missing. Another one is lacking the ornament loopy thing that goes on top. You’ve been warned.

2. If you play holiday music and drink a glass of wine during the three minutes it takes to decorate this tree, there is a chance that you might feel less Scrooge-ish. Again, you’ve been warned.

Let’s get this tree from my home to your home. There is a chance your in-laws might find other reasons to judge you, but that’s on you and not me.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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